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Patrolling alone can be a grind, especially when your enemy hasn't had the decency to show itself for five years.

But if eternal nights of boredom are the price for keeping the city safe, then who is Michelle to complain? 

If that were the case, then why did the Serpent choose now to re-awaken? And why was it attacking students from Michelle's School?

Historia Chapter 2 follows the story of the Rainbow serpent through Michelle's eyes  - the huntress that will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

(This release package also includes Historia - Chapter 1) 


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I played the first game just now. I can't wait to play the second one.

Here's hoping the second one makes things more confusing for you!

Michelle did not disappoint. Unbound and unhinged, cower before her power!


Played the first chapter before this, while I do think this one paints Michelle differently, it felt like it came to the same conclusion as the first one. With her feeling extremely unhinged. I have to say hearing what I could only assume about her come from her own head made me significantly more uncomfortable than when I was viewing her world from Doug's perspective, so mission accomplished. Interested to see where this story goes in the future.


If I ever needed to tell somebody how it feels like to be lonely and misunderstood, I would definitely show them Michelle's POV.  This story really makes us understand her character and motivation, and I loved every second of it.

Nice visuals, lovely story (I'm very satisfied with the end lol), and I loved the music too. I would recommend to everybody.^^


Ch1 was enjoyable, but the recontextualization of events in this part really brought the narrative to a whole new level. The art, music, effects, all of it is top notch stuff here too - no weak links. My only complaint is how often I had to get up and investigate the house thinking the in-game sounds were in real life lol

That was exactly the reaction I was looking for with the sound effects. I did want to put in some random samples of kid's footsteps in the background, but I couldn't get them to shut up for long enough. So you'll have to deal with realistic pancakes for now.


Loved it! Always wanted to see the story from Michelle's perspective.